Why Mediation?

The mediation services at The Duluth Mediation Center are designed to assist couples, families, companies, organizations, and community members involved in conflict situations.  Conflict is a normal part of our lives, but it can be disruptive and challenging if it is not addressed.

Formal Mediation

Formal mediation involves a neutral third-party mediator.  The mediator meets with the participants involved in the disagreement.  The mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of the dispute without prescribing the solution.  The mediator helps clients stay focused on talking to each other.  The object of formal mediation is to help the individuals who are in dispute find a mutual agreement that is acceptable for both parties.  Mediation is voluntary and confidential.  Mediation is a safe place and a "no fault" context to address disagreements.

Divorce/Couples Mediation

Divorce/couples mediation can be a formal or informal confidential process by which two individuals negotiate their divorce with a trained neutral third party.  Because you know your family and the unique factors of your situation better than any professional or judge, this process allows you to come to the table with your own creative ideas and work out a solution that honors the needs of everyone involved.  Though each party should retain an attorney to give legal advice and file paperwork with the courts, mediation is a cost-effective process that can reduce attorney's fees and allow individuals to feel a sense of control and investment in the process. Common issues that can be solved successfully through mediation include custody plans, child support, parenting time, property and/or debt settlements, and spousal maintenance.

Facilitated Conversation

A facilitated conversation is an informal meeting between two or more parties that are involved in a disagreement.  Facilitated conversations help individuals communicate during difficult sessions with the assistance of a trained facilitator.  The facilitator will foster a safe, respectful environment that assists the parties in finding a mutually acceptable conclusion.  


Coaching consists of a one-one confidential consultation with a trained conflict coach.  During the process, the individual is given the opportunity to talk through the process of resolving the current dispute and/or process the issues to assist in preventing the escalation of them. Coaching can also be used to learn and develop new skills in conducting difficult conversations with others or managing conflict.  

The Duluth Counseling and Mediation Center offers both individual mediators and mediation teams.  When choosing a team, you can request to work with a male/female team of mental health practitioners or a team in which one person has a mental health background and the other has a legal background.  

Our mediators are certified and listed as a Rule 114 Court Qualified Neutral on the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster of Neutrals in all areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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